Middle Bound: Exploring the Social Fabric at the Heart of England was a new site-specific installation by the artist Patrick Waterhouse and the graphic designer Tim Wan, with the support of curator Mauro Bedoni, involving local artists and stories from the public into a narrative display.


The Participants – including artists, designers, photographers and members of the community were:


From 5th-9th of February 2018, QUAD Gallery became a workshop and open studio, made accessible to the public, where artistic and creative work could be viewed as it happened with the goal of developing, conceptualizing and building an exhibition. Artists, designers, photographers and members of the community have been selected through an open call and they explored questions like:

  • What are the communities that make the Midlands what it is today, and how they relate to each other?
  • What are the stories we tell?
  • How does ethnicity and heritage affect attitudes?


The result showed interlinking narratives that display the passage of time by the overlaying of images and weaves together the people, places and things that bind the Midlands together. The exhibition took on all aspects of life: cultural diversity of life today, the industry and leisure of the Midlands, rural and urban life, dwells into family, personal history of people and their archives. It tackled themes of community, heritage, family, diversity, local history and industry.

With thanks to V21 Artspace Middle Bound can also be viewed as a Virtual Exhibition:

Middle Bound was on display in QUAD Gallery, Derby (UK) from Saturday 17th February until Sunday 11th March 2018. If you want to learn more about the project, show the exhibition in your venue and/or host a new workshop, please contact the curator of the project, Mauro Bedoni.